Client Success Stories

“I have gained so much from Jenn. She has taught me to love my body more, eat more intuitively, listen to my body in all ways (physically and mentally), deal with my anxiety and most importantly tune out that evil voice in my head. I always looked forward to my sessions with Jenn because I knew I could tell her anything I was dealing with that week and we’d work and talk through them right there. Making goals every week really helped me achieve my trouble spots and helped me grow. I also loved knowing she is just one text away so whenever anything came up I knew I could text her and explain what I was experiencing. She has been awesome to me and I thank her so much for all her support in helping me make progress with myself over the past months.” - Liz D.

"Jenn inspired me to look deep within myself to harness my full potential and think critically about how I best want to live my life. She encouraged me to find more time for me, whether that means meditating, writing down what I'm grateful for, or staying in to re-charge and re-connect with myself; to  working with me to develop specific goals that help me become an even better version of myself...Jenn was right by my side to lend a helping hand, a listening ear, and an open heart. She was extremely receptive to anything and everything I wanted to share with her and improve upon, and took the time to really dig deep, listen, and offer thoughtful advice so I could strive towards a better "me." I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone looking to make improvements in their lives, whether large or small...she is truly one-of-a-kind and is one of the most genuine, caring and thoughtful people I know!"  — Jen L.

“Jenn is just a wonderful person inside and out and has the patience to help you through even your most toughest obstacles. She is consistent, pushes you when you need to be, but always has your well-being first in mind. She understands that there is not a one-fits-all solution for life and works hard to help you dig deep down inside, and decide what is really important within your life. I cannot recommend her enough as she has given me the confidence to continue to fight for a healthier relationship with food and a more confident version of myself!”- Michele G.

"Through her unwavering positivity, encouragement, and immense knowledge, Jenn has given me the tools I need to succeed in living my best, most healthy life! During our private, one-on-one sessions, Jenn offered me a safe space in which I could speak freely about my relationship with food and difficulty maintaining a balanced lifestyle. If I ever had a question or needed a helpful resource outside of our weekly sessions, Jenn was always available via text or phone call to offer her assistance. I am extremely thankful for Jenn's energy and approach to overall wellness, and highly recommend her to anyone who needs some added encouragement."  — Samantha S.

“Jenn helped me to dig deep into the struggles I have with self-love, she kept me accountable for ways to change thoughts, set boundaries and change my mindset. All of her techniques, notes and homework, really have helped me excel in this area. Jenn is amazing and can really help to make a difference in your life. She always exhibits such positive energy and knowledge on redirecting your energy and ways to embrace positive vibes and frequencies. Jenn is so positive, supportive, and knowledgeable and really focuses on your own benefits.” - Diana J.